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Semi-Permanent Makeup

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Microblading Eyebrows

This very soft form of semi-permanent makeup is ideal for ladies who want to try permanent makeup, but are worried if they will like the results – this treatment lasts up to 12 to 18 months with minimal fuss and maintenance.


Microblading FAQ

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that involves using a semi-permanent tattoo technique to achieve the appearance of fuller and precisely shaped eyebrows. Unlike a tattoo, microblading uses a manual, handheld tool with tiny needles at the end to create the shape of a small blade (a microblade).

Microblading works by using a precision eyebrow pencil to create an outline of your desired brow shape. After cleaning and applying a numbing cream to the eyebrow area, the microblade will be dipped into the pigment and tiny hair like scratches are created within the natural brow creating shape and definition.

It usually takes seven to 14 days for the pigment to settle into the outermost layer of skin and for that skin to heal. However, deeper layers of the epidermis continue rebuilding for several weeks after the procedure.

While microblading is similar to a tattoo, the results are not permanent like a tattoo is. The fine lines made to create realistic results cause the pigment to fade over 1 to 3 years.

The longevity of your results depends on several factors, including the technician who did your procedure, your skin type, your lifestyle and how well you follow the post-procedural recommendations.

If you notice the pigment in your eyebrows fading (usually after a year), you can schedule a touch-up appointment. Touch-up sessions will add pigment to the outline of the brows you’ve already had microbladed. These sessions help the microblading stay fresh and are less expensive than a full session.

You are not a suitable candidate for eyebrow microblading if:

• You are pregnant or nursing
• You are under 18 years of age
• You have had an organ transplant
• You have a viral infection or disease
• You have major heart problems or require a pacemaker
• You have a pre existing skin condition on or near the eyebrows
• You are allergic to metal or certain dyes
• You have an autoimmune condition, such as Lupus or Multiple Sclerosis
• You are currently on Accutane or have been on it within the past 12 months

There are other characteristics that may affect your eligibility for microblading, though we treat each client on a case-by-case basis. If you have any concerns about your eligibility, it’s best to consult with the salon technician.

Microblading & Shading

Microblading & Shading Eyebrows

This amazing and natural looking technique mimics the appearance of eyebrow hair, giving you perfectly shaped eyebrows with shaded background.


Microblading & Shading FAQ

The combination eyebrow design became popular around late 2018 to early 2019, a similar time to when ombre brows originated in Asia a couple years earlier.

Combination brows are natural fine hair stroke replications combined with a soft shade of pixelated ombre effect. Created with semi-permanent pigment, the brows are etched into the skin with a digital machine. The technique offers the best of both ‘powdered’ and ‘hair strokes’ effects combined together to achieve a beautifully natural yet defined brows.

Microblading/machine method alone can sometimes not be enough for clients that suffer with over-plucked eyebrows and past fashion trends which have left the client with bulky bulbs and little hair.

For someone with very sparse eyebrow hair, the shading can also give the brow more body, while the hair-strokes keep it looking natural. This technique is also very effective for clients with alopecia. Hair strokes or ombre alone on alopecia clients can either look too bare or blocky at times, while combination eyebrows make it look full and natural at the same time.

Ombre Powder Brows

Ombre Shading Effect Soft Powder Eyebrows

This unique technique is perfect for a more noticeable soft powder makeup look.


Top Up & Colour Boost Treatments

Any further top up treatment within 8 weeks

6 month Colour Boost

12 month Colour Boost

18 month Colour Boost

All 6 week top-up treatments to complete your final process for second half of your procedure

Ombre Powder Brows FAQ

Ombre brows, also known as Powdered Brows, are a semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look It gives great definition & depth to the eyebrows. It is particularly recommended for women with oily skin or combination skin or anyone who fills in their brows regularly with pencil or shadow.

Not everyone is suited for Microblading Services, so Ombre Powder Brows provide another option. Women with large pores & oily skin are not good candidates for microblading because the colour doesn’t show up well & can look blurry. Oily skinned beauties should opt for ombre brows.

The biggest difference between the two semi-permanent eyebrow styling techniques is how the pigment is deposited into the skin. Microblading uses a handheld tool to carve small cuts into the skin, whereas Ombre brows are done using a machine. The ombre powder technique is a bit less invasive than that of microblading. Ombre brows can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. The retention will depend on a number of factors, such as lifestyle, skin type, sun exposure, health condition, etc.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancer

Eyeliner Enhancer

With so many different designs to choose from, each being unique to every individual, this eye catching treatment will emphasise your eyes, making them look bigger and more beautiful.

Top Eyeliner
from £175.00

Bottom Eyeliner
from £160.00

Top & Bottom Eyeliner
from £320.00

Eyelash Enhancer

This is a very subtle yet lovely treatment, making the eyelashes look up to 8 times thicker.

Top Eyelash Enhancer

Bottom Eyelash Enhancer

Top & Bottom Eyelash Enhancer

Semi-permanent Eyeliner FAQ

Permanent and semi-permanent eyeliner tattoos are applied using a needle to deposit ink along the lash line, similar to getting a body tattoo. This technique gives the appearance of wearing eyeliner. It’s especially beneficial for people who like eyeliner but don’t want to put it on daily.

There are several pros to getting permanent eyeliner tattoos, including:

  • People with physical limitations may not be able to apply makeup themselves. Limitations include medical conditions such as cataracts, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or having suffered from a stroke. Permanent eyeliner tattoos provide the benefit of wearing makeup without the challenge of putting it on.
  • Permanent eyeliner can be a good alternative for people who are allergic to traditional makeup.
  • Poor eyesight or unsteady hands can make it hard to put on eyeliner. Eyeliner tattoos can solve this problem.
  • People who like to wear makeup but don’t always have time to apply it may appreciate permanent eyeliner tattoos.

Lip Liner, Lip Blush, Tint & Contour

Lip Liner

As we age our lips lose shape and definition, this treatment gives the appearance of younger looking lips.


Full Lips & Lip Blush

With many different colours to chose from, this treatment gives the appearance of naturally fuller looking lips or will ensure you no longer have to apply your own lipstick.


Lip Neutralisation

Lip Neutralisation is a special treatment for those with a natural darker lip colour. The treatment balances those darker tones to lighten and enhance the natural lip colour, shape, and symmetry.


Lip Blush, Tint, Contour & Liner FAQ

Our lip treatments are designed to help you achieve full, natural looking, defined lips. To achieve this look, we enhance your lips with either a nude or a brighter colour hue to replicate the effects of permanent lipstick.

This treatment has become increasingly popular as people are beginning to opt for a more natural look by trading in their fillers for lip enhancements. Lip liner tattoos are also a great option for clients looking to reduce the signs of ageing as our contouring options restore your natural lip shape, taking years off of your face.

The process works by enhanced with a nude or colour-pop hue that replicates the effect of permanent lipstick. Have your choice of lip liner treatment and design your perfect that smile.

Lip Blush (also known as Lip Tattoo or Permanent Lipstick) is a professional cosmetic and aesthetic procedure that uses a machine similar to a tattoo machine to implant colour pigment (of the client’s choice) into the dermis of the lips, resulting in fuller and more defined looking lips.

  • Mothers and individuals with busy lifestyles who welcome time saving techniques.
  • Women (or men) who lack lip definition or wish to camouflage any darkness on their lip.
  • Clients who lack symmetry on their lips.
  • Disabled / partially sighted individuals who struggle with their makeup routine.

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